Khmer cocktails bar experience

Sweep unique cocktails and relax on highly unusual seating surrounded by a unique piece of history.

An amazing location

Asana also known as the Old wooden house is a traditional cambodian home dropped into the backstreets of Siem Reap Old market district. It is the only remaining wooden house in this historical area.
Our days those kind of houses can only been seen in the countryside. The Old wooden house is a testimony of Siem Reap urbanization history. Only few decades ago Siem Reap city, was totally built of wooden houses everywhere. Only buildings surrounding the old market are made of wood and bricks

Asana meaning

In sanskrit, Asana literally translated "the act of sitting " or "the way of sitting ." In Yoga , the term has the meaning of " ritual posture ."
In the non- philosophical and current sense , the meaning is " posture " of " how to sit" or "how to take position".

In khmer an "asanak" is an armchair for the monk.

Find your comfort, find your position, find your asana.


Find us Asana Old wooden is like a secret adress in Siem Reap. You have to find the small lane that is strating either from street 7, either from pub Street (also called street 8) Then you have to walk a bit in the dark lane to find the light of the hidden gem.

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